Claremont Farms is producing Noni juice on the rich volcanic soils in the tropical rainforests of Antigua, West Indies. These are ideal conditions for growing Noni – all naturally – with no pesticides. We are processing 100% pure Noni juice in 16 oz labeled plastic bottles, available in cases of 24 bottles. Presently, we only have a distributor in Ontario, Canada though it will be more widely available in future. Email us at for distributor enquiries and pricing.

Why Noni ?

Claremont Farms has been producing the Antigua Black pineapple and other fine fruits since 1970. We began investigating the feasibility of producing Noni juice after witnessing the healing qualities of Noni for ourselves. We obtained Noni fruit grown locally and everyone who took the juice on a regular basis found it helped them in one way or the other with health-related problems. Some women discovered they were more ‘regular’, others had improved complexions; other people had no further sinus problems, or throat infections. We soaked our feet in it and rubbed it into sore, aching joints. We always felt better. It lowers blood pressure and people are using it to relieve asthma, arthritis, and treat diabetes and infections. Noni has even been used to treat a wide range of disorders in horses, cattle, and domestic animals.

How does it work?

The primary explanation for the wide range of beneficial health effects of Noni revolves around Proxeronine, a component of the fruit and a precursor for Xeronine, a component of our immune system. Dr. Ralph Heinicke studied this compound in pineapple when he discovered much higher levels in Noni. Proxeronine is converted to Xeronine in the body. Dr. Heinicke explains that our liver naturally releases Xeronine into the blood stream to combine with other biochemicals that work at the cellular level to improve the immune system. However, optimal levels of Xeronine are usually not present, particularly when the body’s immune system is compromised. Noni is able to supplement our Xeronine levels for optimal health.


Nothing added – Nothing taken away

At first, almost everyone finds the taste of noni juice ‘disagreeable’. We bought an expensive commercial noni juice product and were surprised to find it was highly diluted with other fruit juices. After a little experimentation, we discovered a mixture of 1 part Noni juice to 5 parts grape juice made a very palatable drink. We decided we should market our product as the pure thing – “nothing added, nothing taken away”. In this way, the public can purchase this miraculous product inexpensively, and then mix it themselves with fruit juice to taste. After taking noni for years, we have acquired a taste for the pure juice and use it straight from the bottle: take one fl. oz. of the pure juice, two or three times per day.

We discovered two ways to process the Noni fruit for juice. One way is to set the fruit in a glass jar and let the juice ooze out slowly. The juice can be poured off each day to drink. The problem with this method is that it will spoil if not refrigerated. Another processing method is to ferment the fruit. We use this technique and find the juice will keep indefinitely at room temperature. It takes four pounds of noni fruit to yield 1 bottle of pure Antiguan Noni juice.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about Noni, write us at noni (at) If you are in Canada, please contact our distributor Mr. Peter Stemmons at our Distribution Head Office in Milton, Ontario at mrbeef (at) or phone 905-878-9887 (fax 905-878-6305) to make your order. We are sourcing distributors throughout Canada. If you’re interested, please call or write the addresses given.